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IT Services

In today’s dynamic world, TRIO  offers IT support, recognizing the value of remaining connected and productive. That’s why we provide the best infrastructure services to help you reach your goals. Our services incorporate networking, communication services, and data processing capabilities to ensure you have the resources you need to stay connected and productive. With our assistance, you can take advantage of all the possibilities technology has to offer and make sure you are never left behind.


Import & Export

Our company also offers import and export services. We offer services for importing goods as well as exporting them to Japan. This can be beneficial for businesses looking to expand their operations internationally.


Student Recruitment & Consulting

We offer student recreation, counseling, and information about visas, immigration, security measures, and financial assistance.Depending on your plans, we will provide essential information about students’ visas, immigration, security measures, and other processes involved in your travel plans. We also answer questions regarding international student programs, eligibility requirements, rent, visa procedures, and financial assistance resources available. We provide advice on obtaining visas, staying in Japan, selecting universities, living arrangements, and recreational activities.

Lastly, we work with students who have already completed their studies but are considering staying longer in the country in order to extend their visas. Our experts are always up-to-date with the latest changes in policies and procedures concerning student visa immigration, so that you get accurate, reliable advice from us at all times.


Documentation & Translation

We provide translation and documentation services for our students. For your visa services documentation, we provide complete services in every step. As per required, we translate language documents into up-to-standard documents. Our knowledgeable staff can edit, proofread, and structure documents in accordance with embassy specifications. Furthermore, we offer advice on how to prepare for immigration interviews and assist students with immigration procedures. 

Our team provides guidance on admission standards, paperwork requirements, and more, including guidance on temporary residency permits, student exchange programs, and permanent residency applications. Lastly, we offer flexible scheduling, reasonable rates and quick turnaround times for our clients. With our expertise in visa immigration, we ensure that all our clients get their desired visas in a hassle-free manner.



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